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Randomized Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Trial Enrichment and Design in Alzheimer's Disease,
V. K. Ithapu, V. Singh, S. C. Johnson,
Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis (1st Edition) ISBN: 9780128104088; Chapter 15
Doctoral Thesis
Exploiting Structure for Designing Clinical Trials: Testing, Learning and Inference Algorithms
Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison
PhD Advisor: Vikas Singh
Other committee members: Sterling C Johnson, Xiaojin Zhu, Charles Dyer, Mohit Gupta 
On Arxiv
On Architectural Choices in Deep Learning: From Network Structure to Gradient Convergence and Parameter Estimation,
V. K. Ithapu, S. Ravi, V. Singh
Convergence of Gradient based Pre-training in Denoising Autoencoders,
V. K. Ithapu, S. Ravi, V. Singh

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